I've been working as a professional artist for over twenty years. The majority of that experience has been in the animation industry where I've worked for Disney and a bunch of other studios on animated feature films and TV series in a variety of roles from hand-drawn key-frame animation to character design and storyboarding.

In addition I have also worked in the Games and Toy industry creating artwork for a variety of products.

Over the last few years I have sought to create my own artistic identity outside of a work environment, creating personal artwork for exhibition as well as commissioned artwork for independent clients.

As a long time fan of Pin-up art from the likes of George Petty and Gil Elvgren to modern contemporaries such as Dean Yeagle, Bruce Timm, Bill Presing and Shane Glines; I have sought to create my own interpretation of the classic artform. What has evolved is a cute n' sexy girl drawn from my influences and experience.